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Skyward Outreach


Skyward Outreach  provides outreach services in a variety of formats, and is able to use Autism and JPSN Scholarship funds for most of these services.

We can provide therapies and tutoring in any and all areas to home schooled students, including speech, OT, PT, ABA, academic tutoring and classes, social skills, study skills, executive functioning, and test prep.  We can design a customized homeschooling program for your child, with as much or as little parental teaching as you want!  Students receiving home based services through Skyward Learning have access to and enjoy the same curriculum benefits, materials, and online access to software programs as do students at our Academy and New Hope Programs. NOTE: These opportunities are limited, please call for information.


We can evaluate your child’s home school portfolio as required by law, we can even maintain all your homeschooling records in one place for you, and maintain your child’s complete academic record and transcript!


If your child is enrolled in a parochial school that does not provide therapists, tutors, interventions assistance, or classroom assistants, we can also provide those services, often at their school location.


For college bound students, we assist with applications, essays, ACT / SAT prep, college selection, etc.


If you need help with a recent diagnosis, or need help navigating through the maze of getting your child an evaluation and IEP in order to qualify for special services, we have positive relationships with most local school districts and can help work with you and your school district to get your child the services they need!  We can attend evaluation and IEP meetings, we can write suggestions for IEP goals and objectives, and we can develop transition plans.


Our team of psychologists, intervention specialists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, reading specialists, and other specialists offers testing and evaluation services for children ages 5 through adult.


We offer parent training, summer camp opportunities, teacher professional development, and customized workshops for various groups.

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